TJ Brown And Anthony Cox Have Bear Sex On A Pool Table

TJ Brown is the kind of chubby guy you can help but want to cuddle. But be careful. This top cub has a rough streak a mile wide and Anthony Cox is about to enjoy every bit of it! Having just met, the two get better acquainted over a friendly game of pool. However, it’s soon clear these two are intensely interested in doing much more than just scratch some pool balls. Their game rapidly evolves into a winner-take-all situation with TJ sinking the eight ball, before pushing Anthony up against the table in order to kiss and paw at his clothes. TJ wants some cock but NEEDS Anthony’s hole. He wastes little time in pulls down Anthony’s jeans and diving for the hairy, hungry ass, rimming him and getting his bearded face deep in the bottom’s sweaty crack. Anthony grunts and squeals like pig as he’s bent over, taken, and used for TJ’s rough pleasures. TJ pounds Anthony until they both shoot hot loads all over Anthony’s furry chest.

Military Daddy Bear And Cub, Cooper Hill And Davie Bear

Earlier this year, when filming in New York, we met Cooper Hill. The man made a great impression on us. He’s a classic, big Daddy Bear type with a military style crew cut and a full beard, as well as tattoos and a nice hairy chest. He’s even got a great pair of strong arms to wrap you up in and a soft tummy made for cuddling. We paired him up with Davie Bear, a bigger guy and a power bottom we met in Montreal this past summer. Davie is well over six feet tall with a shaved dome and a bristly goatee. The two men have dynamite sexual chemistry and they burn up the screen with passionate kissing and cock worship. Cooper mounts Davie and sends him into the throes of ecstasy, pounding his furry hole relentlessly with his thick tool. Davie loves getting fucked and he especially enjoys Cooper pounding away so hard he showers himself with a huge blast of hot spunk. Woof!

Big Daddy Bear Jack Stafford And Leather Lovin’ Steve Sommers

Steve Sommers loves his leather and big daddy bear Jack Stafford loves taking cock. It’s a perfect match! Except we didn’t know just how much of a great fit these two were going to be until they met. Watch as these two hit it off and get nasty in this very verbal, dirty, trash talking scene. Bald Jack worships Steve’s thick dick and gets his hole rimmed before getting filled and plowed by his hairy hookup’s hard man-meat. Steve pounds away at Jack’s slick wet hole and he loves watching Big Daddy’s bubble butt bounce and jiggle with every thrust. When Steve is finally ready to dump his load, Jack is all too eager to suck him dry and lick his cock clean. These big raunchy bears truly know how to put on a show!

Alpha Top Marc Angelo In A Surprise Flip Fuck With Sam Black

At Bear Films we frequently get requests from members and fans to see more of a certain model. But no model has been requested more than Alpha Top daddy Marc Angelo. He’s the perfect muscle bear who’s earned the love of his adoring fans. Naturally, we had to bring him back! While in New York, he took time from his busy schedule; Marc’s been appearing at Leather events since we featured him on Bear Films. We set him up with porn rookie and bear-and-daddy lover, Sam Black. The handsome otter has fantasized about having sex with Marc and, between the fandom, tattoos, and piercings they have in common, the two developed an instant connection.

The scene is a smash hit right out of the gate, what with Marc and Sam’s chemistry, dressed in their leather gear, and going at each other hot and heavy. Loads of manhandling here! Sam worships Marc’s cock and the hairy daddy turns around and tells Sam to lick out his asshole. Sam loves it, thrilled when Daddy Marc returns the favor. Mark is soon driving deep in Sam’s hole, grunting like a pig as he fucks the cub. But Marc enjoys cock himself and, while his exterior screams to the world “Alpha Top,” for the right man he turns into a dick-hungry bottom. In a completely surprising twist, Marc gives it up to Sam after taking the otter like a whore. We were giddy with excitement to see this hot and unexpected flip fuck. Even our director tells us he almost said fuck it all, ready to get in line behind Marc after Sam!

Cub Milks Bear With Sweet, Tight Fuckhole

One look at Taylor Michael and you just know this big butch bear is going to give you a good fuck and pound you into submission. Billy Thorne was more than happy, and willing, to be Taylor’s bottom bitch cub. After making out he devours Taylor, sucking on that thick meat before slowly taking it up his ass. What can we say? Billy doesn’t get fucked much as he’s more of a cocksucker. And it shows! But he takes Taylor like a true champ, doing what Taylor likes best, milking his fat bear dick with his tight cub hole.

With Bears Like These Who Needs Goldilocks?

When you film porn, you almost always have to deal with something you weren’t expecting so the trick is to give yourself extra time: just in case. Because when things go wrong, they go WRONG. On the flip side, when things go right, there’s no greater sense of exhilaration! And when do things go right? Fairly frequently if you learn to spot trouble. In this scene, however, with Ourson Swells, Lance Bearington and Johnny Bear, EVERYTHING goes right! This was a producer’s dream and a viewer’s fantasy: the never ending threesome with three bears that never stopped. The action kept on going and rarely was there someone without cock or a mouth or even a hole. Johnny had done porn before but it had been many years and he had no idea what he was getting into fucking with couple Lance and Ourson. Luckily, Johnny wasn’t scared. He can hold his own. But he didn’t have to. Not with Lance and Ourson flip fucking his sweet hole until all three were dripping with…no, not honey…sweat and cum. Although for some, sweat and cum can be like honey. All we know is that with bears like these, who needs Goldilocks?

A Little Night Music, Bear Style

Many years ago there was a little musical called “A Little Night Music.” In a nutshell it revolved around the romantic lives of several couples. But what about gay couples? And what about the sexual lives of said couples, not necessarily the romance? Here to prove that romance CAN come out of a sexual fling are Davie Bear and Firebird Burlton. Both beefy men have been chatting online for awhile and have finally hooked up. We were lucky enough to be there when they did. A little night time garden action is just what these two guys needed. Firebird gives Davie the fuck of his life, burying his tool deep in his bear hole until they almost cum together.

Spanish Bears Rhoyne Hill And Gill Reynolds Get Sweaty

Parts of Spain are known for their heat. And just as temperatures climb, so does passion. Especially amongst the hot-blooded men that are representative of their culture. And, at this moment, none are hotter than Rhoyne Hill and Gill Reynolds. After a full day out in the late-summer sun, these hairy, beefy hairy hunks are near boiling. So they retreat to their apartment in order to cool down. However, once there, the scents from their own bodies drive them mad with desire. The two take turns passionately servicing each other as they work up to a different type of sweat with plenty of deep throat cocksucking, rimming and balls deep fucking. And THIS is how it’s done in Barcelona!

Grunting And Groaning Neighbors

Ever have sex outdoors? We have. And you know what? It’s FUN! There’s a thrill about being under the sun, fucking while the rays make your skin prickle. You create a natural sweat that helps in lubing your partner’s hole; or your fuck buddy’s. But the thing about having sex outside, even if you have a secluded spot, is that you can get loud and boisterous. Like Brock Hart and Steve King. The two big and beefy muscle bears get down and dirty under the hot Florida sun as they get heavier and heavier into an outdoor, voyeuristic flip fuck. Steve is the sexy hunk with all the tattoos, wearing a leather harness and jockstrap. His ass looks might fine and mouthwatering as he’s fucking Brock. But then Steve wants in on the action and takes Brock up his ass. The cocksucking wasn’t nearly THIS noisy and with all the grunting and groaning, we’re surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops on these two. Then again, maybe the folks living next door are just as perverted. After all, if YOU had these two living next door to you, sucking cock and fucking tight hairy holes within the confines of their backyard, wouldn’t you want to watch? Hell, for that matter, with neighbors like Brock and Steve grunting and groaning next door, who needs porn when you can watch the real thing? But until they move in and start getting off on being watched, there’s always Bear Films, where you can ALWAYS have a hot, hairy man to warm your nights.

The Bears Of Cabopino

In Spain, there’s a sandy beach with secluded dunes that’s perfect for cruising and so much more. In fact, it’s a wooded area and the foliage offers some privacy and makes it a perfect for the sexy exhibitionist bears who enjoy sex outdoors. Like Marko Bulto, a sweetheart of a cub who enjoys sucking cock, and Viktor Karmen, a gruff and bearded, meaty fucker who enjoys shoving his fat dick in a tight, furry hole. While Viktor and Marko are going at it, along comes Fran JB, yet another adorable hot bear who’s extremely hungry and it ain’t for honey! Well, perhaps YOU might call it honey. And for some, cum might taste like honey. Fran is called over and invited to join Marko and Viktor. Ending up spit-roasted, fucked hard, and spent, Fran is a happy bear after their public sex tryst on Cabopino. And now you know bears do more than just crap in the woods.