Grunting And Groaning Neighbors

Ever have sex outdoors? We have. And you know what? It’s FUN! There’s a thrill about being under the sun, fucking while the rays make your skin prickle. You create a natural sweat that helps in lubing your partner’s hole; or your fuck buddy’s. But the thing about having sex outside, even if you have a secluded spot, is that you can get loud and boisterous. Like Brock Hart and Steve King. The two big and beefy muscle bears get down and dirty under the hot Florida sun as they get heavier and heavier into an outdoor, voyeuristic flip fuck. Steve is the sexy hunk with all the tattoos, wearing a leather harness and jockstrap. His ass looks might fine and mouthwatering as he’s fucking Brock. But then Steve wants in on the action and takes Brock up his ass. The cocksucking wasn’t nearly THIS noisy and with all the grunting and groaning, we’re surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops on these two. Then again, maybe the folks living next door are just as perverted. After all, if YOU had these two living next door to you, sucking cock and fucking tight hairy holes within the confines of their backyard, wouldn’t you want to watch? Hell, for that matter, with neighbors like Brock and Steve grunting and groaning next door, who needs porn when you can watch the real thing? But until they move in and start getting off on being watched, there’s always Bear Films, where you can ALWAYS have a hot, hairy man to warm your nights.

The Bears Of Cabopino

In Spain, there’s a sandy beach with secluded dunes that’s perfect for cruising and so much more. In fact, it’s a wooded area and the foliage offers some privacy and makes it a perfect for the sexy exhibitionist bears who enjoy sex outdoors. Like Marko Bulto, a sweetheart of a cub who enjoys sucking cock, and Viktor Karmen, a gruff and bearded, meaty fucker who enjoys shoving his fat dick in a tight, furry hole. While Viktor and Marko are going at it, along comes Fran JB, yet another adorable hot bear who’s extremely hungry and it ain’t for honey! Well, perhaps YOU might call it honey. And for some, cum might taste like honey. Fran is called over and invited to join Marko and Viktor. Ending up spit-roasted, fucked hard, and spent, Fran is a happy bear after their public sex tryst on Cabopino. And now you know bears do more than just crap in the woods.

Bear And Cub Get Playful In Sling

In fairy tales and real life, papa bears and baby bears go together like lube and dildos. In real life, however, the baby bears are cubs. And there’s no cuter cub than Michael McQuaig! He’s featured here in this scene from Bear Films, grabbing hold of the wheel with veteran model Don James. They’re not very verbal or go in for much conversation but what they lack in verbosity, they more than make up for with plenty of cock sucking and sling fucking. Yes, cub fucks bear deep and hard, eager to show off all he’s learned while all alone in the woods. So if furry and playful is your thing, with a big of age gap thrown in, you’re in for a sniffing and stroking good time!

Behind The Scenes At Bear Films With Brock Hart and Steve King

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on-set at a Bear Films shoot? Well, wonder no more! First you take one focused director, models who may or may not have met before and are more than likely nervous and, at times, throw in an assistant to pass things to the director or shed light on a spot that might not have enough illumination. Then there’s a bit of hand holding, but not always, especially if the models have never done porn before or have never worked with another model. In this instance, we were lucky, Brock Hart and Steve King required NO hand holding. Just a bit of an introduction. Then, as if they were out on their first date, these two hot and hairy men got comfortable by getting intimate. Quickly! But dont’ take our word for it. Take a sneak peak at this Behind The Scenes look as they cool down under the spray of an outdoor shower on a hot afternoon, once they’ve sucked and fucked their brains out under the hot Florida sun. Their full scene appears on our latest DVD, “Bear DNA 2,” which is scheduled for release later this month. We thought you might enjoy a bit of tease, glimpsing into the hot action that took place after they had sex. Silly us. And we thought these two horny bears were done!

Where The Cubs Are

Connie Francis once sang where the boys are. She found them in Fort Lauderdale. Johnny Francis is now singing where the cubs are. And you know what? They’re also here in Fort Lauderdale! That’s right. The Sunshine State has bears and cubs frolicking in the almost constant summer weather. And now that Johnny has finally met fellow cub Nick Quik, he’s got a couple of high notes to hit as he’s getting fucked. But first, the two have a lot of mutual cock sucking and rimming to do. The two met on Bear411 and, after trading e-mails and text messages, have finally hooked up and they’re making the most of their encounter in a lush, secluded backyard. Johnny wants it harder and Nick is all too happy to oblige. Where the cubs are, someone waits for me…A smilin’ face, a warm embrace, two arms to hold me tenderly!

Splendor In The Grass With Steve Ellis and Andrew Mason

It’s been a while since super hot ginger bear Steve Ellis, a self-proclaimed peeping tom, first spied on new neighbor Andrew Mason. Once Andrew took notice, and Steve realized his backdoor advances were welcome, the pair got together to frolic in the backyard. Like a couple of redneck bears, in steamy summer heat, the two waste little time in tasting the sweat off of each other and sucking cock. Then, after enthusiastic rimming, the guys flip back and forth as they fill, pump, and drill each other full of cock. They end up in a pool of their own sweat, matted fur, and cum on their bellies. Now THIS is what we call splendor in the grass!

¡Osos Caliente!

Osos Caliente. That’s Spanish for hot bears. However, just as there’s local slang all over, for some Spanish speaking men, osos caliente could also mean bears in heat! Regardless, we’re pretty much en pointe with Javi Rodrigo and Ramoso Fiore as the two Spanish beards are smoking hot! The bearded, horny Latinos have the afternoon free in beautiful Barcelona. After admiring the view from their balcony, both are soon far more interested in sex and each other than they are in the sights. They strip down, such each other off, and Ramoso — the smaller of the two — flips cuddly Javi over and starts to fuck that big round ass! The hot-blooded Spaniards like it sloppy and, after drilling Javi’s hot pink hole, it doesn’t get any sloppier with Ramoso cumming everywhere!

Teddy Bear Tate Taylor Gets Wine And Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

There are those who believe that if you can’t be with the one you love, then you should love the one you’re with. And with Valentine’s Day upon us, we’re here to show you just HOW much fun you can have with the one you’re with. Especially if the one you’re with as YOU! So, without further ado, sit back, whip your dick out, and grab your favorite lube because playful, cuddly Tate Taylor is about to get nasty for you. This furry ginger cub is all about sexual ingenuity, as you’ll see from the wine, chocolate, and toys he pulls out and uses on himself. Wine probably never tasted so good as Tate strips down and spills the delectable red all over himself. And just wait until you see the cream he probably wishes were inside his chocolate bonbons! Who says you can’t have fun on your own? Who says being on your own can’t be fun? All it takes is a few props and your imagination. Enjoy!

Jack Power Goes Bear Hunting

Remember the old Saturday morning cartoons where Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd would argue whether it was duck or rabbit hunting season? Well, at Roy’s Hideaway in the South Georgia swamp, there’s only one season we care about and that’s BEAR hunting season! Here, bears and cubs abound and run a-muck in their natural habitat. And they do a lot more than just…well, you know. Bears also fuck in the woods. In fact, they fuck like rabbits! So if you want to go bear hunting, like Jack Power, just pack your bags and head on out. That’s what he did.

Jack had to bag himself a bear so he decided to set up a live trap while on one of the trails, using himself as a bait. And guess what? Damn if the lucky cub didn’t bag himself a hot one! Chef Bear, who sniffs at Jack and paws at his beefy body like a hungry bear craving meat. And between the mutual cock sucking and ball munching, there’s more than enough meat to go around! All rimming aside, which Chef does rather well — in fact, one could say it’s a spécialité de la maison Chef buries his meat deep inside Jack, who takes quite a rough fucking. This outdoor duo is sure to whet your appetite and make you want to go hunting for a bear, or cub, of your own!

Gunner Stone A Fantasy Cum True For Young Cub Leo Stone

Ever have a fantasy you wish you could have fulfilled? Leo Stone does. He’s taking an afternoon jerk-off break to let off some pressure. Kicking back with his favorite scene, he grabs hold of his dick and starts stroking while watching big and beefy Gunner Scott. After a while Leo does what we all do when jerking off. He closes his eyes and lets his mind wander to what it would be like to actually suck Gunner off, get fucked by his thick cock. And guess what? His fantasy cums true! With loads of dick sucking action and some hot rimming, Leo is soon on all fours, taken by the thick-dicked object of his desire and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Although, with Gunner’s incredibly fat cock we can’t imagine Leo was walking well the next day. But that didn’t matter. What mattered is that he got his wish. So, you see? Fantasies DO cum true!