Rusty McMann and Marc Angelo

Everyone knows Marc Angelo is a big, bad-ass muscle daddy. And whether he's on the bottom or on top, the gruff and beefy hunk sometimes needs a daddy of his own. That's exactly what he finds in Rusty McMann. The horny men come together at twilight to explore their bodies, mouths, and holes, only to end up mutually satisfied.

Paul Bear and Zack Hannes

Sometimes, getting off isn’t about sticking your dick in a tight hole and fucking it until you’ve popped your load. Sometimes, it’s all about the intimacy, the kissing and touching. And yes, let’s face it. It IS about getting off and popping your load but with a good mouth willing and eager to help you bust that nutt, you can be just as satisfied. Paul Bear and Zack Hannes prove that point. The two sexy, bear daddies nuzzle each other then take turns sucking cock, lapping up balls, and even licking taints!

Orlando Smorgasboard of Hairy Hotness!

As promised, we bring you the thrilling, ass-pounding, cum splattered finale of the Bear Orgy in Orlando! We pick up right in the middle of the action, with Sid Morgan sucking every dick he can lay his hands on, and Gunner Scott getting ready to penetrate his slick hole. Cooper and Rick make out on the couch while Caleb and Chef Bear suck their cocks. It’s almost impossible to keep track of the action! Gunner fires his cum like a cannon, and pretty soon the rest of the bears follow suit, coating each other with hot, sticky jizz! Wasn’t it worth the wait?

Orlando Orgy With A Smorgasbord of Bear Films Faves!

What do you do when you have 6 horny bears strip naked and get crazy on each other? You thank God and grab the camera! Its a smorgasbord of our Bear Films faves with Gunner Scott, Cooper Hill, Rick Wolf, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan and newcomer Caleb Delano, all of them buck naked and DTF. We get the afternoon started with a six-way suckfest: every combination you can think of, every bear sucking dick and groaning with pleasure. Alpha-bear Gunner gets on his knees and smokes pole enthusiastically while Cooper Hill has multiple mouths fighting over his hard cock. This oral orgy is just getting started, with part 2 coming next week!

Super Hairy Cub Charlie Fiske Makes A Great Big Sticky Mess!

This week on BearFilms, we feature a great newcomer. Say hello to Charlie Fiske, who hails from the Northeast US. He was horny after spending the day driving to us for his shoot. So we told him to relax and do what comes naturally. On bed, Charlie gets on his phone and starts browsing dirty pictures and sexts other horny bears keep sending him. This extremely hairy cub is erect in no time, stroking his fat dick and flipping through the lurid photos on his phone. It doesn’t take long for this hot and bothered cub to shoot, and he makes a great big sticky mess all over his furry belly. Hey Charlie, remember to get a selfie of that!

Cooper Hill and Rick Wolf, A Bear and His Cub

Cooper Hill is basking in the love he gets from the fans of his work on Bear Films. It’s been a big year for him, and he gets propositioned by lovers of Daddy Bears wherever he goes. While he was shooting with us in Florida this summer, he was stopped by young Rick Wolf, who had adoringly jacked off to Cooper’s videos countless times and was now getting the opportunity to fuck his biggest bear-crush. Rick is firm and furry, with a round bubble butt like a peach. Cooper devours his ass and can’t wait to thrust his throbbing dick into Rick’s juicy hole. Rick is dying for Cooper’s cock and moans as he gets fucked, and Cooper teases him, starting him nice and slow before mounting the intensity and ramming him like a jackhammer. Don’t miss this amazing video featuring all-time handsome daddy bear Cooper Hill fucking this sweet first time cub Rick!

Bear Films Fan Machael Johnson Pops One Off With A Favorite Toy

Machael Johnson is a big BearFilms fan favourite and a HUGE fan of Bear Films; which is good for us because we enjoy working with him. If you haven’t seen him before, kick back and take a load off…so to speak. Machael will certainly win you over, too! Compact and muscular, covered with fur and with a completely charming smile, there’s a whole lot to love about Machael. We invited him to come over after work and show us how he handles his shaft. He was all too happy to oblige. Before getting started, he wanted to shower and freshen up for us, and what a sight he was…getting his body covered in lather and foam, stroking his cock in the shower and letting us take a peak at his tight hole. After, he gets comfy on the sofa and browses some of his favourite porn on the laptop and gets his thick cock hard. This daddy bear looks amazing with his dick erect, legs spread, running his fingers through his thick mat of chest hair, especially when there’s a gob of sticky cum in that fur. WOOF!

Veteran Top WolfCub Breaks In Newcummer Dusty Daniels

Dusty Daniel is a brand new face on Bear Films this week. We were happy to welcome Dusty — and his tree-trunk cock! — to our video shoot. We thought he would have fun with veteran top WolfCub, and we weren’t wrong. The two showed great chemistry from the get-go. Both of these behemoth bears got naked and WolfCub went to town on Dusty’s thick member, sucking him up and down and fingering his tight asshole. Dusty was aching to get Wolfie’s cock deep inside him and spreads his legs wide to let his new boyfriend penetrate him deep! These two cubs made excellent scene partners and we know you’re just going to love the big wet mess they make at the end!

Big Mark

Some guys are big and some guys are just big in all the right places. Say hello to Big Mark, a cuddly cub from the North East. Big Mark wasn’t shy about waving his big dick around for the camera and he certainly took things easy on the king size bed, getting hard while looking at some stroke magazines. After stripping off his shirt and showing off his hairy chest and soft belly, Big Mark pulled out his thick, curved 8.5-inch cock. Jacking off to the sexy pictures, Mark soon closed his eyes, fantasizing about the muscle daddy of his dreams swooping in and fucking him deep and hard. Alas, the fantasy was only in Mark’s head, but it was enough to get him off. And us! Later, that is. Watch Big mark shoot a spray of cum all over his hairy gut, EXCLUSIVELY on Now…let’s get this guy in a hardcore scene, stat!

Rex Blue Joins Carlo Cox, Brad Kalvo and Marc Angelo In Outdoor Fourgy

Earlier this spring, we shot tons of cuddly bears under the blazing Palm Springs sun. It was amazing — all of these bears living it up and running around naked, fucking and sucking every inch of exposed flesh! We started with Marc Angelo and Carlo Cox in the hot tub, and later included Brad Kalvo after he spied them from across the yard. And now, here’s the final chapter to this crazy afternoon of outdoor bear sex: Rex Blue, the really tall, adorable cub we’ve been seeing so much of lately, managed to get to the party with time to spare. While Marc and Carlo are doing their thing in the grass, Rex dives in on Brad and gobbles his thick cock. Brad is eager for some amateur ambition and he facefucks Rex before turning him around and spearing him at the end of his long dick. Rex loves getting the thick bear dick and eagerly jacks off Brad, making him cum on the deck of the pool. Meanwhile, Marc and Carlo have fucked, groped and sucked each other enough that they have each delivered a thunderous load. Applause all around for these four big hairy daddy bears and their long afternoon fucking in the sun! Be sure to catch this EXCLUSIVE scene only on