Marc Angelo and Tristant Riant

In Canadian Bears, we paired Marc Angelo with Tristant Riant and filmed a hot scene with Marc topping the beefy bearded Tristant. Now, in this scene, Marc gets his comeuppance, as it were. The only problem is that Marc wanted to get fucked outdoors. Since Montreal was knee deep in snow at the time of shooting, we got the guys together in front of a green screen and let them go to town, pretending they were where they wanted to be. They handled the kissing, the sucking, the hot and woofy fucking. WE took care of the rest by giving them the background the wanted. Ain't technology grand? The result, seen here, made Tristant and Marc horny all over again. Unfortunately, we weren’t there for that one. So we’ll just have to make do with Tristant fucking the hell out of muscle bear daddy Marc.

Orlando Smorgasboard of Hairy Hotness!

As promised, we bring you the thrilling, ass-pounding, cum splattered finale of the Bear Orgy in Orlando! We pick up right in the middle of the action, with Sid Morgan sucking every dick he can lay his hands on, and Gunner Scott getting ready to penetrate his slick hole. Cooper and Rick make out on the couch while Caleb and Chef Bear suck their cocks. It’s almost impossible to keep track of the action! Gunner fires his cum like a cannon, and pretty soon the rest of the bears follow suit, coating each other with hot, sticky jizz! Wasn’t it worth the wait?

Orlando Orgy With A Smorgasbord of Bear Films Faves!

What do you do when you have 6 horny bears strip naked and get crazy on each other? You thank God and grab the camera! Its a smorgasbord of our Bear Films faves with Gunner Scott, Cooper Hill, Rick Wolf, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan and newcomer Caleb Delano, all of them buck naked and DTF. We get the afternoon started with a six-way suckfest: every combination you can think of, every bear sucking dick and groaning with pleasure. Alpha-bear Gunner gets on his knees and smokes pole enthusiastically while Cooper Hill has multiple mouths fighting over his hard cock. This oral orgy is just getting started, with part 2 coming next week!

Interracial Daddy/Cub duo fuck like animals

Trevor Belfast is getting heated up on the living room couch, getting aroused with no one around when beefy Knotty Cub decides to lend big, strong helping hands all over Trevor’s body. Knotty works his naughty mouth all over Trevor making his cock stiff and slick with precum. Seeing no reason to keep masturbating while there is a warm and willing hole right in front of him, Trevor bends Knotty Cub over and does what he does best, fuck a hot ass. Temperatures rise high in the living room and Trevor and Knotty shoot and mix their cum spread eagle proving sex is hotter than just jerking off.

Burly Canuck Bears Marc and Tristan fuck and shoot

Marc Angelo is enjoying some time alone at home, getting some time to watch online porn in private and he spies a hot clip on that gets his cock hard. Marc pinches his nipples and jerks his hard dick, totally focused on the moment when big beefy Tristan gets home. When he sees Marc half naked and jerking off to bear porn, Tristan is eager to give him a taste of the real thing. Marc starts pulling off Tristan’s clothes to get at his furry chest and belly and stiff dick. Marc sucks the hard bear cock and Tristan gropes Marc’s broad shoulders and thick tattooed arms. The pair fuck and roll around on the sofa until Marc and Tristan both shoot massive loads all over Marc’s hairy belly.

Midnight Bear Threesome

Marc Angelo and his Bear crew make it back to the hotel in the middle of the night after hours of cruising and carousing. Everyone is a bit tipsy and extremely horny. What else are you going to do except film it? Daddy Marc swallows Jason Roman’s hard black dick while furry pig PJ Rage buries his face in Marc’s crotch, working his thick pipe. The threesome gets hot and sweaty, lots of hot oral and cock worshiping, and Marc ends up with three hot loads all over his sexy furry chest!

Daddy Bear Marc Angelo

Marc Angelo is from Toronto, and after a long train journey, all he wants to do is get his cock out and blow his load. Luckily we were there to record it all! The whole time on the train he has been thinking about hot bears, what he wants to do to them, and what he wants them to do to him in return! He is so horny when he arrives it is unbelievable. He has got a great body – bulging muscles covered in tattoos and the chest of a God. He starts by slowly stroking his cock with his massive hands, and starts getting faster and faster until he is in a complete jerking frenzy. By this time he has reached the point of no return and blows a massive load of sticky bear cum!

Daddy Bear Marc Angelo puts on a hot solo stroke show

Two Cubs to Satisfy Daddy

Dale Nichols makes a great daddy bear. With a hairy chest, shoulders, legs and stomach amongst other things, a thick moustache and fat cock. Matt Cormier and Mike Dubois are the lucky cubs who get to play with him. They have all met in a bar and after a few beers their horniness starts to get the better of them. Dale smiles like a proud daddy as the two cubs service his throbbing cock sucking and licking it all over, before making their way around to worship his hairy hole. Daddy Dale gets spit roasted by the cubs at first, then Dale takes the lead and pounds both the cubs until everyone is ready to shoot their cum.

Two adoring cubs satisfy a demanding Daddy Bear

Three Horny Bears have a Taste for Leather

Three hot versatile bears, Angus Gillis, Jack Stafford and Rock Hunter star in this scene. Once the camera was turned on, so were they, and there was no stopping them! They start by stripping and exchanging some hot cock sucking. Jack is in a leather harness and makes sure it is know that he wants to be a sex pig bottom who wants both cocks inside of him. Angus and Rock are just fine with this and can’t wait to get their cocks deep inside the leathered-up bear. We start with a spit-roast with them taking turns fucking him. Could he handle a DP…..?

Three Naughty Bears

Pierced Daddy Fucks Cub Hard

At Bear Films we love hot bears with tattoos and piercings so were thrilled with this scene which pairs up Eric Scott and Joseph Tag. Eric is an older silver-haired bear who has a massive sexual appetite – and Joseph has come to feed that appetite! In this scene they start off by swapping blow jobs an before long the cub, Joseph, is giving Eric a powerful rim job. Before long, Eric is on his back with his legs spread as the cub rams his cock into the older hole. They swap position and Eric rides Joseph until he is ready to shoot his cummy load.

Pierced Bears enjoy some really piggy sex