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Bear Definitions


A hairy man with a beefy, stocky, or heavy-set build. Many bears have some form of facial hair — beards, goatees, stubble, but almost as many don’t. They come in all shapes and sizes and in different varieties, from Cubs to Black Bears to Polar Bears and everything in between, depending on age and ethnicity. Some don’t know they’re bears or don’t classify themselves as a bear, which is why there is a camp of believers that claim “being a bear” is a state of mind and has much to do with attitude.

Prone to growling with excitement when hungry for sex, when they see a cutie walk past, or when they’re just plain hungry, bears can be gruff or tender, depending on the situation. One thing’s for sure. Bears LOVE honey so, if you see one prowling about your neck of the woods or if a bear should come growling after your plump ass, make sure you belly-up and give them plenty of your sweet stuff to satisfy their craving.


Think bear but smaller and younger. Just like his bigger, older counterpart, cubs come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and varieties. He can be smooth or hairy. Many emulate their older role models in an attempt to fit in or ensnare a “Daddy Bear.” Others like to frolic amongst their fellow cub. The term “cub” can also sometimes be used to identify the passive partner in a relationship. Example: Say hello to my cub. The power bottom loves to suck cock and enjoys a big dick up his ass. Spit roast him with me and we’ll baste him in our juices!

Daddy Bear

A man who meets the qualifications of “bear” but is on the hunt for sex or a relationship with a younger mancub. Though most “Daddy Bears” are older, wiser, and more experienced, it’s been reported that “Young Daddy Bears” do exist. These tend to be elusive, however, but just as large-and-in-charge as your average daddy bear.

Black Bear

This type of bear is everything you’d expect, with one major difference. He’s of African-American descent. If you’re lucky, there might be one other difference you’ll enjoy. Just open your mouth wider, spread your legs further, and see if you can tell what that difference might be. Go ahead! What are you waiting for? It won’t hurt at all. But be warned. Black Bears enjoy eating honey but prefer to feed you theirs. Plus, there’s an added extra. You know the old adage, don’t you? The darker the bear the sweeter his juices!

Leather Bear

Almost a breed apart from your typical “bear” the Leather Bear is a man with a fetish. Though not necessarily a smoker, leather bears can frequently be found smoking a stogie. For him, it’s all about the leather. From chaps to harness and boots to cap, he gets off on the smell, the feel, the taste. Ever lick honey off the chaps of a man with a big dick, round belly, and massive thighs? But there’s one more thing the Leather Bear enjoys. Nothing makes him growl like a cock hungry power cub in a sling, legs splayed, ready and waiting for anything the Leather Bear wants to dish out.

Muscle Bear

Like the Leather Bear, Muscle Bears can be a breed of their own. They are everything a bear is, and then some. Sometimes beefier, more muscular, and at times overgrown, the “Muscle Bear” is — for some — the royalty of the bear population. But that doesn’t mean they’re not approachable. He might seem a bit distant and aloof, but this bear craves touch and attention, just like everyone. Muscle bears are fun to hunt but don’t poke him once you’ve ensnared him. Not unless you’re willing to let him poke you back. And trust us…he WILL poke. Sometimes, he even bites! How do you think we get these hickeys?

Panda Bear

Like the Black Bear, Pandas are everything a bear is known for but comes in a slightly different variety. The “Panda Bear” is generally of Asian descent. His diet consists of fish, rice, and vegetables with generous helpings of Cub or Bear meat.

Polar Bear

Polar Bears tend to be older, like the silver- or white-haired daddies you fantasize about. Sometimes seen or perceived as a solitary figure, the “Polar Bear” is truly the most misunderstood and misrepresented of all his counterparts. He might be older and have white fur but not all is frozen in his tundra! Throw him a bone and he becomes as playful as other bears and cubs as his frolics with his new toy.

Red Bear

A Red Bear is a man who fits all other definition of your typical bear with one main difference. He’s got red hair. Otherwise known as a Ginger Bear. Depending on the build of a red bear he might be big and beefy with a barrel chest and remind you of a Viking. Or, he can be smaller, thinner, and hairy like an otter. Regardless of their build, Red Bears can be fiery lovers, extremely gruff, and leave you with a burning in your soul.
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