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Adam Jones and Frankye

After watching Frankye fuck Carlos, we knew we had to put him with the super sexy and very ver Adam. We couldn't wrap production without it. From the second their lips unlocked and Adam used his mouth on Frankye's big thick cock, we knew we were in for a great time. Adam understands the assignment and turns himself completely to Frankye's dominating demeanour. Soon, Frankye was on his knees with his mouth searching for the deepest part of Adam's arse to stick his dick into, and when he founds it, there was no running on Adam's part, as he gave his ass up to daddy. That's when the fun really starts, and the dance that is raw fucking begins. These two studs move around the space, drilling and filling until Frankye's load finds a home inside Adam's throat, with Adam not far behind with his contributions of cum and orgasmic satisfaction.


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