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Nick Maduro and Beau Deco

Slipping into bed only gets better when muscle bear Nick Maduro slides into the cubby hole of Beau Deco early in the morning. The sun rises on another day, and Nick is ready to get rid of his morning wood. After a quick bathroom break, Nick walks in on his boy, Beau, still sleeping. That doesn't last long as he joins his boy in bed, waking him up. That brings a huge smile to Beau's face as Nick shows him how special his boy is with his tongue. But Beau knows his role and is soon right where he needs to be, looking up at Nick with a daddy dick in his mouth. Nick likes sucking his boy's cock and enjoys licking his boy's dick and balls before moving to his ass. Beau remains on his knees as he breathes deep for the first thrust of Daddy's cock, just one of many before they both unload.


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