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Atzone Bear and Doctor Nick

DoctorNick was super excited to learn that his scene partner would be fellow newcomer and stud, Atzone Bear. After seeing a video of him fucking he told us his hole opened up wide. So it took no time at all for these two bears to get warmed up and ready to go. Within seconds DoctorNick had Atzone’s cock in his mouth, filling up with blood and anticipation. The great doctor knew what he was doing and was doing it well. Atzone gives DoctorNick’s cock a little attention too, before going two fingers in and feeling his bear's insides. And after a little more sucking from DoctorNick, Atzone put his face right where it belonged, deep in some hot bear ass. He then mounted his bear and went to town on his ass, pounding and teasing DoctorNick’s hole with his beautiful cock. DoctorNick then jumped on top and continued to enjoy a cock up his hole before jumping off and watching Atzone stroke out the load he so badly needed to release. And being the good boy that he is, DoctorNick helped clean it up with his mouth.


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