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Atlas Grant and Julian Torres

Atlas has always been a happy cub, but he was as giddy as a cub on his first day of school when playing with the sexy Julian. They didn't make it past the door before they were kissing and showing off their hairy muscles and tattoos. Julian strips down Atlas and then goes right for his cub's thick ass. Atlas loves how his tongue feels and makes it known with his moans. Julian wants his cock sucked, and Atlas gets right into position for face fucking. He gags but keeps taking it down his throat. He gets Julian's dick wet then spreads his cheeks, so Julian has a clear path to his fuck hole. Julian gets his cock in Atlas and starts pumping and teasing his ass. Atlas loves having his daddy bear in his butt and will do anything that he wants. They move all over the bed finding all the right spots that drive Atlas crazy. Julian keeps fucking his sexy cub until they are ready to cum. They both stroke their cocks, until Atlas's face is covered, followed by Julian's tongue as he drinks from the tap.


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