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Benji Baker and Javi Lopez

Benji is an old pro who loves teaching a new whore some tricks. But what he loves more is bringing people in for the ride. We walked in on such a session as they were in the middle of kissing. Never shy, Benji introduced us to his boy Javi and asked if we wanted to watch Javi take his dick. There was no way we were sitting this one out. Javi looked like he was going to be a great fuck. After kissing, Benji asked if we wanted to see Javi suck his cock. We only wish we could feel it ourselves because it looked so fucking good. The look in Javi's eyes told us he was more of an exhibitionist than we knew. At one point, after getting his hole pounded, Javi takes control of the scene and shows us, and Benji, how well he can ride a dick. All the sucking and fucking leaves Javi with his face and belly covered in warm jizz.


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