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Roger Blacc and Pup Panda

In a lively city, there were two sexy bears named Roger and Pup, each on their unique journey. Roger worked as a pizza delivery man, zooming through the busy streets to bring smiles to customers faces. Pup, on the other hand, was an imaginative and free-spirited artist, finding inspiration in the vibrant world around them that is the bird app. That was until Roger walked in with the sausage pizza that Pup ordered. But was it the kind of sausage Pup really craved? Pizza wasn't the only thing hot and ready as the two began kissing on the couch. Pup was hungry and feasted on Roger's meat. Roger took his turn as he moved behind Pup and ate his boy's biscuit before they moved to the bedroom for some fucking. Good thing they both love cold pizza.


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