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Sebastion Ice and Steven Kurtis

Time flies when you're 21 yrs old, but here we are, and we couldn't be prouder to throwback to one of our classic ReJizzed scenes featuring Sebastion and Steven as they get better acquainted during a bear run. They begin kissing and letting their mouths explore each other's bodies as they strip down. Steven is first on his knees as he sucks on Sebastion's dick. But Steven doesn't want to come off as greedy and willingly switches places with Sebastion for a little mouth action on his pierced cock. After some back and forth, they both play taste my hole before Steven ends up legs high in a sling, waiting to be fucked. Sebastion warms up Steven's slut hole a tad bit more before sliding inside and riding it until Steven cums on himself with Sebastion right behind.


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