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Bone Flexx Blake Bradley and Troy Webb

Boys just want to have fun. Bone, Blake, and Troy have just arrived in Palm Springs and are ready to relax and release after a long day on the road. They make good use of the gazebo, and Blake has no problem being the one who starts it off by sucking on Troy's cock before switching to Bone's meat as they strip down. Bone then gets a taste of Troy while Blake continues putting his mouth to good use. Troy finger bangs Blake's hole, getting it ready to take some cock. Troy then gets on his knees and takes cock down his throat while Bone gets his ass licked. Once they're ready, the guys move into the bedroom, where Bone fucks Blake's warm hole on his back while Troy feeds Blake his cock. They then spin Blake around so he can get a good fuck from Troy's bare cock. Bone jumps back in after putting Blake on his knees while Troy watches. Troy then gets on his back and lets Bone use his hole for a little needed pounding as he strokes his cock. Blake cums all over Troy's chest as Troy begins working out his load. Bone dumps his cum on Troy's balls before Troy drains his balls with Bone inside of him.


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