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Bone Flexx and Aiden Storm

Bone is taking in some sun but would rather be taking in some of his buddy Aiden instead. So he goes off to find Aiden and spots him in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. It’s not long before a toothbrush is replaced by Bone’s cock. After kissing, Aiden drops to his knees and sucks on Bone’s dick before Bone takes his place on his knees in front of Aiden. Aiden enjoys fucking Bone’s face but loves burying his face in Bone’s sweet hole better. He licks Bone’s ass until he is hard enough to slip his cock inside his buddy’s hole. He starts fucking his boy bent over the tub before moving to the sink and pounding Bone while staring into the bathroom mirror. Aiden fucks Bone until he fills his ass with his load. Bone, filled with cum, strokes his dick and spills his seed on the floor.


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