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Chipper Dane and Bjorn Johnsson

Casting is not always easy, so when you find a diamond in the rough, you work on keeping it sparkling. Chipper is a new diamond, and needed to be paired up with the right guy. Then Bjorn walked in the room, and we knew we had a hot scene on our hands. The chemistry was instant. After kissing, Big Bear Bjorn went down on Chipper, and within seconds he had Chipper's little guy standing at full attention. Then it was Chipper's turn to enjoy a taste of Bjorn's sweet beef steak before turning him over and licking his beautiful bear butt. Soon, Bjorn was ready to get fucked and was on his knees, taking every inch of Chipper's cock. Chipper pounded his hole, and Bjorn loved every stroke. They fucked until Chipper couldn't hold back and unloaded onto Bjorn's ass cheeks.


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