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Frankye and Carlos Verga

We were happy to get Carlos back on set. It had been a few years, and we knew he wanted more time with his Bear Films family. We wanted to make it special, and that's when he introduced us to muscle bear Frankye, a fuck buddy of his. This sweet guy had a rough side, and we were excited to see them in action. After some kissing, Carlos took to his knees and opened Frankye's towel, exposing a super-thick cut of beefy dick. Carlos worked the head of that monster for all it was worth as Frankye looked down at his boy. Frankye reached down and started playing with the hole of Carlos that he really dick in. Frankye got on his knees and licked on Carlos's furry hole as he leaned over the railing waiting for Frankye to fuck his tight hole with his huge cock. It didn't take long before they both got what they wanted, cum and all.


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