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Harrison Burns and Bjorn Johnsson

We love working with new talent. Sometimes they knock it out of the park on their first try. Others need a little warming up. But after working with Bjorn once already with Chipper, we knew that Harrison was in good hands. They started kissing, and we could tell they were into each other. They stripped down, and Bjorn got right to sucking on Harrison’s cock and balls. Harrison moaned as the big bear swallowed his cock over and over. Then it was his turn to give Bjorn's thick dick some love. Harrison's tongue moved across the shaft and back towards the tip before making the thick head disappear again. Now, it was time to get inside Bjorn's hole, but first, Harrison gave it a few licks before filling it with his meaty dick, which Bjorn loved. After fucking for a few minutes, they stoked off, shooting their loads, something they both needed.


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