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Jason Ryder and Max Phoenix

We don't often get couples on set to film, especially ones as into each other as Max and Jason. It was the first time they would be working together on camera, professionally, and we were honored to capture it. Immediately as we started rolling, we could see the animalistic and erotic energy these two sexy beasts shared. They were pushing, grabbing, kissing deep, smelling hard, grunting, and that was before they even got naked. Max got on his knees and knew how to tame Jason's beast. He gave it just what it needed, a wet mouth. But soon, it was time to get inside Max's ass, and Jason dove his face in to get it ready. Once it was, they were fucking hard on the bed to the point we thought the bed would break, but we didn't care. Max helped Jason shoot a well deserved load, and a memory was created. Now for the second scene.


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