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Jeremy Feist and Devan Roy

Since we first started working with Devan, he begged us to film with one person. That one person happens to be the sexy wolf himself, Jeremy Feist. Jeremy is always down to play and was excited to go for a roll in the hay with Devan. They started on the couch with some kissing, but Devan was super horny and ready to get his mouth on Jeremy's hard dick. Jeremy wasn't complaining as Devan sucked on his dick, but he was hungry and switched it up, which Devan didn't mind. Jeremy kept his mouth working as Devan flipped on his knees. After a taste, they moved to the bed and got more comfortable. And nothing screams comfy like Devan taking Jeremy's thick cock. Devan was right where he belonged. The two studs fucked until Jeremy unloaded all over Devan's ass. Dreams do come true.


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