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Jeremy Feist and John Lock

We’ve worked with John for several years, and ever since, he mentioned having a crush on Jeremy. Can you blame him? Jeremy is an amazing fuck, and John was due for a good time. Jeremy and John start kissing, but that quickly turns into two sexy naked bears rubbing hairy bodies. John loves sucking cock and is the first one with a dick in his mouth. Jeremy isn’t far behind as they switch positions. John face fucks Jeremy for a while before bending over and letting Jeremy bury his face in his furry hole. John loves how Jeremy’s tongue feels and is excited to take his cock in there. He didn’t have to wait long before Jermey spits on his dick and slips it in. John’s eyes roll in the back of his head as Jeremy picks up the speed. Jeremy pounds his beefy bottom and holds nothing back as they sweat up a storm. John can't control himself and releases his load while being fucked. They keep fucking until Jeremy gives John a nice cummy snack to eat.


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