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Jeremy Feist and Maxx Sinn

Maxx came to us by word of mouth. A few guys said that he was one of the best bottoms we could have on the site. So we contacted him to find out, and luckily for us, Jeremy was down to take his hole out for a spin. These two started going at it as soon as we said action. Maxx used his mouth, and Jeremy was all for it. It didn’t take long before both men were naked, and Maxx had a dick in his mouth. He didn’t have much to say with his mouth full, but we knew he was enjoying himself. But Jeremy was looking for an as to fuck, and after some ass eating, Maxx was ready. But he wasn’t ready for was the curve of Jeremy’s thick dick, which brought Maxx to two internal orgasms. But being the bottom he is, he wasn’t done until his top was. And after drilling some more, Jeremy finished with a creamy topping all over Maxx’s ass.


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