Jon Shield and Rocco Steele

Jon Shield is partnered up with massively hung and super sexy Rocco Steele and gets rewarded with the ride of his life! Rocco's huge cock stands stiff as a board as Jon sucks and services the thick shaft. It's not long before the tables are turned and Jon's legs are spread wide open, over the bathroom sink as he is being eaten and mauled by Rocco's lips and tongue. He begs for Rocco's monster, wanting his chance to show Rocco his gifted hole. On the counter, in the shower, on the bathtub ledge...Rocco drills Jon every which way, taming his ass into submission. It's not long before Jon is being loaded up and filled with Rocco's seed as he blasts his nut all over his gaping hole. Jon then slips off of Rocco's cock and slides down onto his knees to clean him off. Jon can taste his ass and the last few drops of Rocco's cum off the tip of the monster cock. He is pulled up by Rocco as they kiss and collapse covered in sticky sweat.


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