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Lion Reed and Sean Knight

Every once in a while, we get the urge to get a little kinky. What better way to show that side better than with a leather scene? We already had Lion and Sean ready to fuck, and gave them the space to have fun. Sean grabbed the blindfold, and Lion grabbed the harness. That was all they needed. As soon as they were ready, Sean was kneeling on the fuck bench sucking on Lion’s meat. Lion was pumped to get inside Sean’s hole and teased it with his fingers before tasting it with his tongue. He devoured Sean’s ass like an animal eating his prey. Then he spit on his cock and slid deep inside Sean’s amazing hole. Maybe it was the leather that encouraged Lion’s energy to pound out Sean’s ass, but he was going at it hard. Sean didn’t complain as they fucked all over the bench until they were both drained of cum.


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