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Luis Vega and Bryce Hayes

When we knew we would be filming in Ohio, we had to have the sexy Luis back on set. We even allowed him to pick his co-star, and damn he chose a hot one in selecting Bryce. As soon as we saw Bryce, we knew it would be a fun scene because this was Bryce's first, and Luis was determined to take good care of him. They started kissing, and the chemistry filled the room as they both started to undress. Luis showed the newbie some love by sucking on his delicious cock, but Bryce was there to get fucked and knew how to make that happen. Luis laid back and let Bryce work on his cock until it was time for Luis to get his mouth on Bryce's hole before filling it. Once inside, we watched as Bryce's tight hole fucked the cum out of Luis's bear meat.


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