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Marc Angelo and Aiden Storm

Aiden has been horny all day and can't wait till Marc finishes the lunch dishes. As soon as the water is turned off, Aiden gets what he's been craving. They start kissing at the sink, removing clothes, and licking nipples. Aiden then makes his way down to his knees and takes Marc's cock into his hungry mouth. Marc jumps up on the counter, and Aiden continues to feed his craving. Marc jumps off the counter and gets a taste of his buddy's dick while stroking himself. Marc then gets face down on the counter and lets Aiden finger and munch on his hairy hole. They then switch so Aiden could get his hole wet before bending Marc over the counter and slowly entering his tight bear hole. Marc's vocals let you know he loves being fucked, and Aiden is ready to pump Marc's ass. They then both hop on the counter and Aiden fucks his dick deep into his bear's ass. Marc flips on his back and keeps getting plowed before they stroke and explode on Marc's belly and cock.


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