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Marc Angelo and Jeremy Feist - Daddy Is Home

There is nothing quite like coming home to daddy's hard dick. Jeremy is home from a long day of work and only wants to please his daddy, Marc, who is stroking his dick out on the balcony waiting for his boy. Once Jeremy arrives, he retrieves his collar and leash for Marc to put back on him. Jeremy then takes his place between Marc's legs and immediately puts daddy's cock in his mouth. Marc then stands his boy up and eats his hole before fucking him while bent over the railing. Marc then leads his boy inside so that they can get out of the hot sun. Marc sucks on Jeremy's big cock then continues to fill his ass while holding his leash, tugging on it while fucking his boy. He then puts Jeremy on his back, shoulder's down, and pile-drives into his open hole as Jeremy moans in pleasure. Then it's Jeremy's turn for a treat as Marc gives up his tight hole to his boy. Marc rides Jeremy on the couch until he goes back to fucking his boy's sweet ass. Jeremy then strokes out a load as Marc seeds his hole.


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