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Dexter Palmer and Jaccoo

Dexter walked into Jaccoo's shop with his bike, ready for a ride but needed it tuned up first. Jaccoo was willing to do it but didn’t want any money. He would rather have cock instead, and Dexter had plenty of it to give. Jaccoo moved in and took what he wanted first with a kiss on the lips before Dexter moved down to his cock, swallowing Jaccoo's big meat before flipping him over and using that mouth on his hole. Jaccoo was in slut heaven as Dexter then sat on his face, giving him his ass to lick. Then it was Jaccoo's turn to slob on Dexter's knob as the hairy otter prepared to pay his debt, fucking dollar after dollar out of Jaccoo's ass like a cheap corner ATM.


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