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Rejizzed - Jon-Erik and Tank Michaels

It was a hot day in Florida, but it was about to get hotter as horny bear sluts Jon Erik and Tank Michaels arrived at our hotel room, ready to fuck. We had just started filming for the Bear Run weekend when we met Jon Erik and Tank Michaels in the lobby. They were down to fuck, and we were ready to watch. The temp started rising as the two bears kissed in the living room. Tank soon found his face full of beautiful pierced cock as he sucked down Jon's dick. The top stud was looking forward to being serviced as he sat on the couch with Tank between his knees, but he also enjoys licking on a cock and hole. It wasn't long before Jon was doing just that. A little spit goes a long way when you have a hot cock in your ass. Jon fucks Tank until they are both ready to shoot and do.


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