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Garrett Devlin and Hank Lawton

Time for another top scene rejizzed for your cocks enjoyment. Hank Lawton is feeling horny and, after crossing paths with old fuck buddy Garrett Devlin, is ready to reconnect in the most fun way possible, hot bear sex. All it took was a phone call, and soon Garrett was at his door. It doesn't take long before the two hair bears are stripping off their clothes and licking each other's furry nipples. But Hank was hungry, and Garrett's dick was looking too delicious to pass up. Garrett thought the same thing about Hank and enjoyed a quick cock feast of his own before getting in his buddy's fuck hole and tearing it up with his big dick. That's exactly what horny Hank needed. But these two fucker are ver and love giving and taking until they're ready to cum.


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