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Taylor Furr and Neon Pup

The gay bear party can wait once Taylor Furr sees the sexy Neon Pup naked in his bed, and cash is not the only thing his boy wants to blow. Taylor does everything he can to get Neon Pup interested in going out, but Neon is down to do anything but get dressed. When Taylor sees his boy's ass in his jock, he comes up with a solution which both are good with. After kissing and licking, Neon Pup finds his way to Taylor's dick. Sucking cock is phase one of Taylor's plan and has Neon Pup showing off his oral skills. But Taylor loves eating ass and makes Neon sit on his face while Pup continues to blow him. Taylor then moves behind his boy and gets a better taste of his sweet ass before lubing Neon Pup up and sliding inside his tight hole. But Taylor's cock is no match for Neon's ass as he loads him up, then licks it out.


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