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Paul Bear and Zack Hannes

Paul and Zack meet on the apps, and we ready to play as soon as they got on the couch. After kissing and removing their shirts, Zach started to explore Paul's chest with his mouth before groping his crotch. He then dropped to his knees and pulled down Paul's shorts. Zack continued using his mouth on Paul from chest to cock. He sucked on Zack's dick like it was a delicious meal. Running his tongue over his dick head like an ice cream cone and then standing up so Paul could take his pants off and get a taste of his new friend. Zach grabbed the back of Paul's head and slowly began to fuck his face. They then took a break to start kissing and groping again. Zach loves using his tongue on Paul's nipples and cock. They continue to flip suck until Paul couldn't take it anymore. With Zack's hand wrapped around Paul's balls, Paul shot his load on his big bear belly. Zack grabbed Paul's cock to finish him off.


Paul Bear - Bonus Interview
9 Years ago
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Paul Bear 1
9 Years ago
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