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Powerful - 2021

There's nothing sexier than two powerful bears fucking. A daddy bear like Ale knows what he wants and how to get it. Ale was super horny and decided to cruise for a bottom bear down near the beach. He finds just what he is looking for when George walks past. In the market to wear something new and different, Dax Librastic and Harper Davis are at the H and R Tailors. They have an appointment with the 'Master Tailor' himself, except the man is late. They decide to check out the other items available in the shop, including each other, while they wait. Joel has been craving a piece of his boss, Brad, for a long time, but he never knew how to approach him. Lucky for him, he didn't have to say much. Brad knew what he wanted. Lance has wanted a piece of Micah for a very long time. And Micah is down to get his ass fucked by a sexy daddy bear all day and night. So when they meet up, they strip down in the kitchen and start to get things cooking.


Ale Tedesco and George Ray
3 Years ago
Lance Charger and Micah Martinez
3 Years ago
Joel Someone and Brad Kalvo
3 Years ago
Dax Librastic and Harper Davis
3 Years ago
Ale Tedesco and Fernando Cortes
2 Years ago
Ale Tedesco and Adam Ram
2 Years ago
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