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Aggie cub and Brian

There's nothing like a good throwback porno to get your jerking session off to a great start, and we've got a good one for you. When Aggiecub and Brian get together at a bear run, it's just our luck that they were down with us filming them for your pleasure. The sexy cubs begin kissing as we roll. It doesn't take long before Brian is on his knees with an uncut cock getting hard in his mouth. Soon, it's Aggiecub's turn to get his mouth to work as he wraps his lips around Brian's plump meat. Both these boy's enjoy sucking cock, but those dicks needed holes to fill. Aggiecub filled Brian's ass with dick as they lay side by side on the bed. They go at it until it's Aggiecub's turn to get his butt flipped and fucked. Brian gives him a solid pounding until Aggiecub's cock is ready to explode.


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