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Riley Mitchel and Alessio Romero

We paired them with other co-stars, but after a few days of keeping their lust for each other under control, it was Riley and Alessio's turn to get down to it, and they didn't care who was in the room. We usually like to watch our bears strip, but nothing could hold these two back anymore. Riley knew where he wanted to be, and after some intense kissing, Alessio leaned back and let his boy get to work on his hard piece of meat. Riley was ready to suck it down to the back of the balls if he could, but Alessio knew how much Riley enjoyed having a tongue teasing and poking inside his hole. Alessio's dick wanted to make his presence known as he penetrated deeply into Riley's ass. Riley moaned as Alessio thrust his cock in and out, giving them the fuck they needed.


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