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Roger Blacc The Rhino and Pup Panda

Big bear Roger Blacc was too distracted to finish his work call. But you would be too if you had sexy cubs, The Rhino and Pup Panda, making out on your bed. Roger tried to give his boss his undivided attention while sitting on the couch watching his buddy kiss, but his dick was hard and needed some attention. Rhino and Pup Panda knew what Daddy needed and were there to give it to him. Pup starts sucking on Roger's dick before serving up a piece to his buddy Rhino. The trio then took it to the bed for more space to drill each other's holes. Roger was up first, after eating both of his boy's asses, to get inside Pup Panda's tight meat tunnel before Rhino got his turn fucking him. But then Rhino needed a horn up his hole and gave it all to the pup for his and your enjoyment.


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