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Rusty McMann and Marc Angelo

Marc has been creeping on Rusty for a while and was finally able to corner him after filming a scene. Now it’s late, and they are alone in the dark backyard. They start to get acquainted as they sit on the couch. Marc licks on Rusty’s nipples while also groping his cock. He moves towards Rusty’s cock and plays with the pierced head, putting the ring between his teeth before swallowing the entire thing. Marc proves to Rusty just how much he’s been wanting a piece of redbone. They go back and forth, sucking on each other’s cocks before getting into a sexy sixty-nine position. Rusty works his mouth all over Marc’s hole while Marc kept the blood flowing in Rusty’s dick. Rusty then bends Marc over and gets his tongue in as deep as possible before stuffing his hole with bear cock. After opening up Marc’s hole, Rusty sits back and lets Marc ride him. Rusty thrust into Marc’s ass until he bends him over and pounds his hole. They fuck, suck, and stroke in the dark until they both shoot their jizz.


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