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Jeremy Feist Logan Stanley and Bare Ranger

It was unofficial slutty gay bear appreciation day, and we decided to celebrate it with Jeremy Feist and Bare Ranger working over Logan Stanley's mouth and ass. But first, we had to set the mood as Jeremy stripped and teased his bear buddies. Then the party got started as Logan, Bare, and Jeremy shared kisses before swapping sucks on Jeremy's big cock. Bare stuffed his cock in Jeremy's mouth while Logan blew him, but Jeremy is a giver and taker and showed us how well he sucks cock, while sharing Bare's dick with Logan. Dick sucking soon led to sharing a taste of Logan's ass before Jeremy and Bare filled it with their cocks. Logan was in hog heaven as he felt the thrusting of Bare as he fucked Jeremy while Jeremy was deep inside his hole. But a face full of cum is the only way to show complete appreciation, sealed with a kiss.


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