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Skott Locke and Lobo Al

Bear events are a great place to find new talent, but sometimes, things don't go as planned, but better. Skott lost his costar to a poolside bbq, but we knew a pig that would be worth eating. Lobo was there in no time, and after the first kiss, we knew we had a good scene. It took only a few minutes to get warmed up as they started stripping. Skott was the first to suck some cock, and Lobo didn't mind as he looked down on his boy working his meat. But being the hungry bottom that Lobo is, he soon made his way from Skott's chest to his hard cock. After waiting so long, Skott was ready to fuck a bear ass. He bent Lobo over the couch, worked his ass open with his mouth and finger, and then filled his pig hole with his cock until they both shot their loads.


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