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Wade Cashen and Troy Webb

Wade was happy when his longtime buddy, Troy, invited him over for a visit. He's always thought Troy was hot and thought playing with him would be amazing. Well, this was his shot to finally find out. After entering the house, they quickly moved the couch and began kissing. Wade then got on his knees and took Troy's fat cock into his mouth. Troy got undressed and continued to feed his buddy his dick. Troy then put Wade on all fours and filled his tight ass with his cock. It slipped right in a Troy knew Wade came ready to be fucked hard. It's been a while for Wade, but that wasn't going to stop him from backing up on Troy's cock. Wade then flips on his back and continues taking daddy's cock in his tight hole. They fuck until Wade strokes a load out as Troy fills him with his seed. A fuck well worth the wait.


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