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Dirk Grizzly and Chase Woofer

After a long day hanging with the family, some alone time was more than needed for Dirk and Chase. Dirk was waiting face-down on the bed for Chase as he finished his shower. A welcomed position as Chase climbed on Dirk's back, kissing and rubbing until he made his way down to the bear's furry ass. Dirk loves it when Chase takes his time and owns his hole, something Chase never has an issue doing, as he grabs the dildo and slides it inside Dirk's hole as they sixty-nine. That's the warm-up Dirk’s hole needs to open up for the fuck Chase was about to give him. And give it to him he does. Complete with a cum bath and sealed with a kiss.


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8 Years ago
Dirk Grizzly and Chase Woofer
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Dirk Grizzly and Chase Woofer - Photos
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Chase Woofer - Set 3
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Dirk, Daddy Ric, and Woody [Bear Voyage 2] Vi
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Dirk Grizzly - set 5
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