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Clint Taylor and Cliff Douglas

Clint and Cliff weren't strangers after fucking at the bathhouse the weekend before, but now they were alone at Clint's house and ready to relive that fun over and over again. Kissing in the shower was just a warm-up as Clint and Cliff dried off and moved to the bed, where Clint's mouth got busy on Cliff's furry bear hole. Below the belt is where Cliff does his best work, and proved it as he swallowed Clint's thick cock before returning to Clint's favourite position for his bears, on his back, giving Clint his hole to lick and big dick to suck. Clint mounted Cliff's face for ass-eating while teasing his bottom's ass. Teasing evolves into ass play, with Clint testing Cliff's limits, opening his hole for Clint's wood. Cliff's ass was hungry for both a handy poke and cock, which Clint had both off and knew how to use, eventually drilling and unloading on Cliff's chest, with Cliff's warm jazz not far behind.


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