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Puppy Agyo Jax Slade and Jude Ashe

When horny bears Jax Slade and Jude Ashe decided to invite a third over for fun, they knew they needed a cute vers friend like Puppy Agyo to fill all the holes that needed filling. After getting in from dinner, Jude and Jax left just enough room for dessert. In walks Puppy Agyo, dressed in a harness and jock, he finds his way between the two hungry bears. They waste no time getting their paws on Puppy Agyo. Soon, Jude gets his fill of cock as he goes back and forth between Jax and their new friend. But Puppy Agyo is feeling frisky and finds himself face-deep in Jude's ass as Jax gets his cock sucked. Then it's time for Jax to watch as Jude licks Puppy Agyo's hole before taking his dick for a ride. Jude then gets his meat inside Jax's opened hole, filling it with his thick dick as Puppy Agyo keeps Jax's mouth busy. But Jude's ass wasn't the only one getting fucked as Max gets his raw dick deep in Agyo's hole before the pup unloads.


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