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Teddy Johnston and Joey Buck

We love it when real-life fuck buddies ask to film with us because we know they are ready to fuck. No need for chemistry building or getting to know each other. Real-life fuck buddies come to show off. Teddy and Joey are real piggy, sweaty, ripe fuck buddies, and that's how we like them. Teddy was hard before the camera started rolling. The kissing was a formality to them as he was more than ready to get his dick deep inside Joey's ass. But first, Joey wanted to show off his mouth skills as he assured Teddy's tool was up and ready for the job. Joey threw his shorts off and got into ass eating position for Teddy, who took the opportunity to enjoy a taste before pounding Joey's hole full of dick. A little lube and they're set to go, fucking like sweaty pigs all over the bed until Joey's hole's filled with Teddy's warm load.


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